Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome back from Outrigger Island!

Outrigger Island was the theme of our VBS days this year. We just completed the week and we are all pretty worn out. Kendall went every night and had a great time. She made some super adorable crafts and had a great time with the other kids and her teachers. Her teachers told me that every time they would pray Kendall would whisper her own prayer under her breath. Yep, she does the same thing here at home, can't seem to break her of it. I guess the only problem was that many times she would pray longer than the teachers and they didn't know whether to wait for her or just go on!! Ha ha!! Byron put in his VBS time earlier in the week by helping set up all the video and audio stuff for the worship rally. He also took care of the two little ones every night because I taught first grade this week. I had an average of 20 kids every night with about 3/4 of those being boys. Yes, they were a very active class :-) It made me realize how much I miss teaching. I had a fabulous time and even though I crave getting the schedule back in order, I was also sorry to see it go. Here's a video (I hope I uploaded it right) of Kendall's class singing at the worship rally on family night. She's the ham, as usual.

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