Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm counting to 10.....again.

Grace will be the end of me. I love her endlessly. I wish my patience with her stretched as far as my love. Today she has tried to escape from her crib, emptied the two bottom shelves of the pantry, empty the cabinet under the TV, thrown half her breakfast on the floor, tried to sit on Madison, stole Kendall's hair clips, stole Kendall's leapster, hit Kendall when she took her leapster back, stood at my feet and cried while I folded clothes, jumped on Kendall's bed, took her shorts off and tried to put them back on backwards, and peed all over my hand when I tried to change her diaper. This was all before she created an F-5 of toys in the playroom. Then I get up from the lunch table to tend to Maddie and I come back to Grace taking the fruit juice from her fruit cup and dumping it in her hair. Below is her hair do. She thinks she's so funny. Kendall thought it was funny too. The best I can say for myself is I was laughing on the inside.

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