Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ballet in the South

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I have been wanting to do this post for 2 months, but I had no pictures to back it up.  I signed the girls up for a ballet class at the YMCA.  They were in different classes, but had the same teacher, Ms. Alanna.  Ms. Alanna used to be in the Russian ballet (or so I've been told by others.)  She is way over qualified to teach 3 year olds how to point their toes, but word is that she does it because she likes it.  However, Ms. Alanna runs her class like she is still in Russia.  Before I go on, let me stress that my kids LOVE her and she is VERY good with them.  However, I've had more laughs watching her unique style of class. First, the classes are closed.  No parents allowed.  If your child cries after day 2 because she doesn't want mom to leave, she is not ready to be in Ms. Alanna's.  I have seen that teacher kick out at least 3 parents who tried to sneak in and take pictures.  We were allowed in class today because it was the last class.  We all sat against one wall and the students were told to pretend we were not there.  LOL!  The students are told when to stand, when to smile, and basically when to do everything else.  She had those kids in line!  There is even a mandatory "hug the teacher" time at the end.  When the kids finished a dance, she would look at us with raised eyebrows and say, "parents?" to which we would obediently clap.  Once Kendall started on the wrong foot for a dance and she stopped the music and everyone had to start over.  (Kendall wasn't the only one she started over for, just so if Kendall reads this some day.)  I'm just trying to point out this lady is hard core!  Would I enroll my kids in her class again?  Absolutely!!  The kids learned, they had fun, and she kept annoying pushy parents at bay. Maybe all YMCA instructors should go through Russian ballet training before teaching a children's class.  Just a thought.

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Michelle said...

I actually love teachers like that too. My son had a karate teacher that was awesome! There are some teachers that let kids get away with everything and they never actually learn anything. I much prefer the stricter ones. Have a great Tuesday. I found you on Blogged.