Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shiny Crack

We have been having so much family fun the last few weeks.  The kids went to stay the weekend with Byron's parents a few weeks ago and they are STILL talking about it.  They are already asking to go back and I keep trying to hold them back to let Gramps recuperate from all the socializing!  Having four women in the house is hard, just ask Byron!  I got to spend a Saturday with my sisters in Louisville and have super fun girl time.  Then my grandmother came up to visit and keep us company while Byron was on the road.  All this within a couple of weeks!  I usually have to go 6-12 months without seeing my extended family.  Now I only have to go a few weeks.  It makes all the hard work to get here worth it.  I could just love 'em and hug 'em to death.  Plus my kids learn all kinds of new things.  For example, I was getting the little ones dressed after bath tonight and Kendall said, "I see a shiny crack!"  To which I replied, "Where did you hear that?"  Kendall says, "Nana, no wait....Great Granny."  I said, "Great Granny taught you to say 'shiny crack?"  Now, shiny crack is not anywhere near the end all be all of bad words.  I know it's really not that bad.  It just doesn't sound so great coming out of your 4 year old's mouth, ya know?  Plus my grandmother is as straight as an arrow.  If you tested her blood you'd find Southern Baptist DNA.  I'm not completely convinced that she taught the kids the phrase "shiny crack".  Kendall insisted they were reading a book that had a little boy with his diaper hanging down and she called it a "shiny crack".  It's more likely that I said it and don't remember or even MORE likely that Byron taught them.  I guess I will have to keep a special eye on Great Granny from now on.

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