Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some days are harder than others. Some days have more laundry, more dirty dishes,  more bickering, and more questions.  Grace had a more questions day today.  Some questions were a quick and easy answer.  Some were not.  Play a little game and see if you can figure out which ones were easy.  Please note: these are all from TODAY.

1.  Can we have chips for breakfast?
2.  Can I wear my PJs to the library?
3.  How did we get here?  (me:  In the bathroom?  Grace:  No  Me: On earth?  Grace:  no, in this house."
4.  Are Nana and Gramps married?
5.  How did you make your wedding cake?
6.  Why did you and Daddy get married?
7.  Why was I a baby when I was born?
8.  Why do we go this way to the library?
9.  Why does the library have books?
10. Where's Chloe's mommy?
11.  How did my eyes get blue?
12.  Do teeth break if they get holes in them?
13.  Why did Jesus die?
14.  Why do we live in Kentucky?
15.  Why is it hard for you to drive when I scream?

And those are just the ones I remember!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh precious! Reminds me SO much of my little girl :) Aren't kids great?! At least they keep us on our toes...