Sunday, November 21, 2010

True Blue Gracie We Love You

This will be a very fast post because we're trying to get ready for church this morning.  It's too funny to let it pass by and be forgotten though.  Byron had a map of Lexington out this morning and Grace, in her special 3 year old way, was asking about 500 questions.  Where's this?  What's that?  Where is Lexington?  Where's our house?  On and on and on.  Then I hear her ask "Where are the basketball players?"  Yes, even a 3 year old can't get away from basketball fever when you're living right next door to it.  Good grief!


Anonymous said...

THAT'S MY GIRL!!! And yes,,,she was asking that many questions, actually, Alicia didn't do it justice. Apparently, I had advanced to the rapid fire round this morning.

Riley said...

I think there's some great info here at your blog. Keep it all coming!