Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Smeller's the Feller

So a while back Maddie had a weird smell coming from her nose.  We were in the process of moving but I was just about to take her into the doctor and the smell stopped.  She'd had a runny nose at the time and I just contributed the smell to a runny nose.  Then the smell came back again.  So after much blood, sweat, and tears of dealing with all the rules surrounding the stupid patient health care privacy yada yada I got Maddie into a doctor.  The first thing the doctor said to me was that he thought Maddie had stuck something up her nose.  This came as no surprise to me because I had already Googled "smelly toddler nose" and this was the number one reason.  Plus I've caught Maddie sticking stuff up her nose before.  According to Google, it seems that kids love to stick sponges and couch foam up their nose.  He laid Maddie down on the table and took a good look up that little booger maker and sure enough he saw something.  Well it almost felt like Christmas morning.  What was going to be in Maddie's nose?  A lost earring?  Money?  My ipod charger?  Okay, probably not that last one.  Any guesses?  It was blue playdoh!  It was big.  At least the size of a quarter.  Poor Maddie!  I hope she felt a lot better afterward.  Her nose smelled better immediately.  The doctor asked me if I wanted to take the play-doh home and I almost said yes just so I could take a picture and show everyone on the blog; but I changed my mind.  Sorry!


Jennifer Handsaker said...

I still can't believe she could get anything up that teeny, tiny nose!!!

The Hall Family said...

Jen, it was so big! I actually cried out in shock when I saw it come out of her nose! I felt so terrible that I didn't take a smelly nose more seriously! The doctor said no harm done though. At least if she does it again I'll know sooner.