Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy Days and Mondays

It's been another day of yucky weather. The upside? Everyone usually takes a good nap on a cold, snowy day. Here's a pic of Grace and our cat Shadow napping together. So sweet!! I was feeling really good about the kid's cuteness factor and then I walk across the hall and see this

Yikes!! What is with that hair? I think I've found the missing Jonas brother. All the Aqua Net in the world won't keep that lion's mane down.


Alicia said...

Your daughter looks so comfy in bed!!

And the second picture is adorable! I remember when my kids would be standing up in the crib waiting for me! So cute!

Jamie said...

That's the great thing about being a kids. Bad hair days are adorable. Not so much when you get older.

Work at Home Dad said...

Adorable pictures. I love it.