Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The candy heart doesn't fall far from the candy tree.

Last night Kendall was working on her Valentine's Day cards for school. She was writing her name on all the cards and then was going to add her friend's names. While she was working I hear her say, "I can't believe this!"

I said, "What's wrong Kendall?"

"Mom, how much did you pay for these cards?"

I'm thinking that's an odd question and I really don't have the answer to it anyway.

"I don't know, honey. Maybe $2-3. What's wrong?"

Now before you hear the next part of the conversation you need to picture these cards in your head. They are the kind where you write your name on one side and your friend's name on the other. Then you fold the card shut where your name is on one side and your friend's name is on the other side. Are you getting a mental picture in your head? It's important to the story.

Kendall said, "They have printed the word "to" upside down on every stinking one of these cards. I can't believe this! What a piece of junk! Well, I guess you get what you pay for!"

She was ticked off! I said, "Oh no honey. They didn't. When you fold them in half the word "to" and the word "from" will be the right way." I folded one over to show her.

Well that calmed her down. Now the funny part is not that she thought the words were upside down. Any kid would make that mistake. Very easy to make. The funny part was her words because she sounded just like me! Those were my words coming back and hitting me right in the face! I frequently (although maybe not so much after this little incident) have hissy fits about things I've bought that don't last as long as I think they should. I always say, "How much did I pay for this?" and "Well, I guess you get what you pay for." If kids aren't mirrors of our own actions looking right back at us then I don't know what is!

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