Monday, October 5, 2009

My Review of the New Resturant in Town

Cut the music and get this dude out of my face.

This is for all you Wintersetians (did I just make up a word?) that read the blog. Byron, the girls, and I went to Grace's Cafe Bar yesterday and I am going to right a review for you. Not because of the food (it was so-so) or the ambiance (it was below so-so) but because of the entertainment. If you don't know where it's located, it is right next to the Mexican restaurant that used to be really good a year ago but now has brought in what Byron refers to as the "B" team and now they're not as great. Byron swears he went in there once and the salsa they served was frozen. Yuck. Anyhoo, back to Grace's. The first thing I was interested in was the sign on the side of the building. The hard hitting news worthy Madisonian had published a letter to the editor that was complaining about how their crappy sign was bringing down the whole town square and making the whole place look like a rat hole. Honestly, I could name 10 things in 5 seconds down on the square that look worse than that sign but I won't because it seems a little petty to complain about a sign. Now, Byron and I had not planned to take the girls there. We were walking and riding bikes downtown and decided on a whim to have an early dinner. When we past it we were not even sure it was a place where kids should be. It's cafeish, but it's pretty barish too. There was only one guy in the whole place though and we thought "How rowdy could it really get in there with just one guy at the bar and us sitting on the other side in a booth?" It was only about 5pm for goodness sakes. And it was Sunday! We went in and everything was going pretty normal. The man at the bar had talked to us for a few minutes but then we both parted ways when we ordered. They have a jukebox in there that is free. I took the girls over to show them how it worked. This guy at the bar had the music in him. This guy started dancing for the girls. Not inappropriately, but kind of dancing around the table to see if he could make the girls laugh. The music went off and I thought "Thank goodness. He can sit down now." Nope. He put on some more tunes and started up again. This time he took Maddie's hands and waved them around in the air while he danced behind her. Maddie was not amused. Then he tried to get the girls to come out of the booth and dance with him. They declined. Byron and I both tried to diffuse the situation a couple of times but he never fully got the hint. He would stop dancing for awhile but he would start up again. He kept saying "I'm 61 years old and I can dance!" He was not drunk. He was just happy to entertain us while we ate. After I decided he was no threat, I let the girls interact with him a little more. We certainly had a good laugh during dinner and afterwards on the way home. Our bill was $18.91 for five meals, free music, and a show. You really can't beat that!

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