Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don't Cha Wish Your Sister was Cool like Mine...

Grace dancing and wearing one of Kendall's play dresses.
Maddie carrying Kendall's lunchbox.

If Maddie and Grace could articulate what they aspire to be their answer would be "my big sister Kendall." Those girls love to copy their big sister. Maddie follows Kendall everywhere she goes, including the bathroom. Except for Byron, the Halls are not big on shutting the bathroom door. I know its a bad habit. I have actually gone into the bathroom with company here and left the door open. So Kendall brings it on herself when I hear her tell Maddie and Grace, "I don't need an audience to do what I gotta do in here!" Shut the door child and your entourage won't be able to follow you in. Besides group bathroom sessions, Grace repeats everything Kendall says but acts like it was her own original thought. If Kendall asks for milk, Grace asks for milk. If Kendall has homework, Grace has some very important coloring to get done. Grace even puts on a backpack in the morning to watch Kendall get on the bus. Unfortunately, she usually isn't wearing pants and many times not even underwear. I don't see the reason to put on a backpack if your bare behind is shining under it for the whole neighborhood to see, but I don't have two year old logic. Even last night Kendall came into our room while it was storming and said she was scared. Grace was right behind her and said she was scared too. "Scared of what?", I said. "Momma, I scared. I scared like Tootie (what she calls Kendall). What I love though is Kendall takes it all in stride. She doesn't get frustrated when Grace repeats everything she says. She waits patiently when she gets home while Maddie runs up and down the hall a couple of times screaming in excitement. Don't get me wrong. Kendall has her moments when she puts them in a headlock and takes them down. They are sisters after all but I've got years of bickering to talk about. It's nice sometimes to remember all the sweet moments. It makes the body slams they give each other not so dramatic.

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