Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'll take my engineering degree now...thank you.

Thirteen Reasons why I should get an engineering degree because of on the job training.

1. Repaired approximately 285 toys with small parts.
2. Sewn, stapled, or glued together 15 princess dresses, shoes, or accessories.
3. Used kitchen chairs to block toddlers from a wet floor, running fan, or drying paint.
4. Took apart the vacuum cleaner, yanked out a stuck object, and put it back together.
5. Used canned goods, jello boxes, and ketchup bottles to build a castle with a child while cooking dinner.
6. Pushed a double stroller through countless doors that were too small for the stroller.
7. Put together train sets and ramps for little cars.
8. Kept the ball from taking out half the stuff in the living room.
9. Wrestled clothes onto an unwilling child.
10. Managed to design a way of packing my bag so I have a sippy cup, bottle, snack, band-aid, pacifier, blanket, extra set of clothes, diaper, wipe, toy, baby tylenol, bottle of water, and that all important aspirin for me and still able to find my cell phone in it before it stops ringing.
11. Put shoes on a baby that stayed on.
12. Nursed a baby, bounced a toddler on my leg, and made a peanut butter sandwich for a 4 year old. (Okay this one doesn't happen that much, but doing it once or twice was enough for me)
13. Putting clothes on doll babies, Barbies, and Polly Pockets. (Props to Jay Gibson for telling me licking the polly pocket legs will help their pants slide on better. It really does work!)

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