Friday, July 11, 2008

Go forth and pollinate.

How does the saying go? You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher? I'm not sure that makes much sense. I'm always on the look out for when the kids show interest in a topic and a chance to expand on it. Kendall is fascinated with butterflies so we ordered some caterpillars off the Internet and watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars to beautiful painted lady butterflies. It truly was fascinating. The caterpillars tripled their size in 7 days! They spent 7 days in their cocoons and then hatched. We observed them for about 4 days and then let them go. Yesterday we took a walk and we actually saw one down the road flying around. I know it had to be ours because I've never seen painted ladies in this area. Kendall was their "mommy" and took good care of them. She really enjoyed feeding them the orange slices. (yep, they drink the juice right out of the slices. Cool, huh?) When they flew away she called out "Go to all the flowers and pollinate them!"

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