Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Those are fightin' words if you live here in Iowa. However, those are the exact words Byron uttered last night after we had a heated discussion on how warm the kids' corn should be. I know it sounds dumb now, but in the heat of the moment it seemed really important. Of course after imagining ourselves in heaven still arguing over corn it did seem kind of silly. Kudos to Byron for such words of wisdom. That's why we love him. We also love him because after a busy day at work, he went with Kendall to pick out her first two wheeler. He didn't say a word when she picked the girliest bike they had and a bright pink helmet. He carried that bike to the front of the store with pride. Ahh, to be a dad of all girls. I'm sure it's tough to live in a sea of hair bows, barbies and pink EVERYTHING, but he does it with gusto. Here's some pics of Kendall and her new bike. Grace is happy because she gets Kendall's old bike (trickle down bikenomics) and Madison was pretty cool about sitting outside and watching the chaos.

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