Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power in the Blood

For the past couple of weeks, the kids and I have been singing "Power in the Blood" complete with up tempo music and hand motions.  The girls have really gotten into it and have been hoping the worship team would sing it at church.  We have prayed it will be sung at church the past couple of weeks.  Sunday comes and pouting faces turn to me as music times end and there has been no "Power in the Blood".  Kendall asked me, "Mom, why won't God answer my prayer?"  Oh, if only I could count how many times I've asked the same question.  I just tell her that we have to trust God knows what he's doing even if it doesn't make sense at the time.  Maybe someone else needed to hear a different song more than we needed to hear "Power in the Blood".  I wish I had enough wisdom about praying through disappointment to help my kids handle it better.  I remember when we decided to move back to Kentucky that Lexington was at the bottom of my list.  The VERY bottom.  I even told Byron not to look at jobs in Lexington because I didn't feel we'd be happy there.  Look where God led us anyway?  I remember loading up the moving van and thinking it was a mistake.  I thought the house I picked to rent was a mistake.  I was on the fence about Byron switching jobs.  I was on the fence about whether we should homeschool the kids.  (FYI, spending a lot of time on the fence only leads to a sore behind.  My advice; pick a side.).  Things did not go as I had envisioned and I was disappointed.  Why hadn't God answered my prayers?  He didn't know my wants and needs at all.  Yet here I am six months later (yes, it's been six months already!) with a house that meets our needs, a safe neighborhood full of nice neighbors, kids that are asking to do more studies when the school work is done for the day.  Okay that doesn't happen EVERYDAY, but at least once a week.  A new town with some great adventures to discover and some great people to hang out with.  We are genuinely happy here; which surprises the heck out of me.  So at the risk of getting all preachy here, what part of your life are you not allowing God to answer your prayers?  Are you like me and holding out for what YOU think is the perfect situation?  Are you ready to let go of what you THINK God wants you to and allow Him to DO what he wants to do?  His plans can be scary.  They'll move you out of your comfort zone.  It can be awkward, stressful, and feel like you're back in middle school at some times.  Aren't His plans for you worth it?  My prayer for you today is to let God handle something in your life that you really want.  Let Him take you to a place that doesn't make sense to you.  He's got more brain power than you.  I speak as a 100% satisfied prayer warrior.  You won't be disappointed.

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