Friday, January 1, 2010

Time To Wrap It Up

The New Year has just begun and the Halls have been flung forward sling shot style into the next decade. 2010 snuck up on us and I can't believe it was ten years ago that we were celebrating the year 2000! I always have mixed feelings about time moving forward. Even though some days I can't wait until the kids are up and doing for themselves I know how precious each day is with them while that are so little. Christmas was full of that special silliness, surprises, and laughter that only small children can add to the holiday. How wonderful is God's design that he allows us to relive special times from our childhood with our own children? Our Christmas break has been full of board games, snow sledding, homemade forts, and steaming sweet cups of hot chocolate. Although I have my days where I would rather get my nails done by a professional then by my 3 year old, it's still all good. Byron and I certainly had plans for 2009 that didn't work out but we are truly blessed to have a healthy, happy family to run, skip, walk, trudge, or crawl through the next year with. What are my hopes and plans for the new year? I hope to schedule more appointments at the Kendall Leigh Hair and Nail Salon. I hope to attend more movies in our living room with Grace "couch potato" Hall. I definitely need more time with my personal trainer Maddie "Kool-aid Man" Hall who will work my legs, arms, and core by slamming into them repeatedly anytime I get down on the floor. I for sure want to spend some more time with that crazy guy that keeps claiming he's my husband. (he's even got papers to prove it!) Whatever the year brings, we are ready. Welcome 2010!

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Ginger said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog - so much so, that I've given your blog an award!