Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Pusher

Lately I have been repeating in my head (and aloud) something I heard once. "Some people are for you, and some people are for what you are for." Byron and I have been making some big changes in the past year and we have seen that lesson played out again and again. It's easy to get frustrated when people are pushing their own agenda on you. At let's face it; we all have one. Our own selfishness leads us to want our money for nuthin' and our chicks for free. But I'm starting to learn that the best thing to do (for me) when you're being oppressed is to take a minute to look around and see who you might be oppressing. The best time to feel compassion for another is when you can be empathetic to their situation. So instead of getting put out with the people that "are for what you're for" I'm going to TRY to focus harder on being someone who is FOR YOU, not for what you are for. Even if I think the stuff you're doing is stupid. :-) If you do happen to have some people in your life that are for you, then hold on to them tight. They are a true treasure and I think God everyday that I have those people. They're the best people to have a laugh with when you talk about all the other crazy people in your life!


Jennifer Handsaker said...

Gosh, I hope I'm one of the people you talk to and makes you laugh and not one of the crazies you're laughing at!

The Hall Family said...

Ha! You know you're one that I laugh about with the crazies girl!