Friday, November 21, 2008

What's the deal with hands?

There is something terribly wrong with my hands. I can pull and push around the skin on the back of them. It's loose!! I bet I can pinch a good inch of skin on the back of my hand and not even wince. What's up with that? First I thought I hadn't noticed it before. Wrong! After checking the hands of people younger than me, I noticed they don't have this problem. However, people older than me do have this problem. It seems the older you are the more skin you have back there. It's like rings on a tree. First my nails don't grow like they used to and now this! Unbelievable!! Then Byron and I went to see a movie about a week ago. After the movie when I stood up, I noticed my legs were a little stiff from sitting still so long. What is that about? I guess I better get off here and go sign up for a good nursing home. If Ed McMahon sends me an offer for insurance I am done!

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