Friday, November 21, 2008

Warning!!! A clear thought is coming followed by adult conversation.

So if you are currently changing a diaper or playing peek-a-boo you might want to come back later. I just finished the best little book and I had to recommend it to everyone. It's called "Assaulted by Joy" by Stephen Simpson. It is the journey of a Christian who battles with the sarcasm and cynicism that so many of us live with in our every day life. This is NOT a feel good lovey dovey God will solve all your problems if you just pray and go to church and try to be good. This is a real life journey with mistakes, screw-ups, blessings, disappointments and well: joy. If you want to borrow my copy, you are welcome to it. I think we can sometimes get a little down in the mouth during the holidays and this book really lifted my spirits. Okay, that is my adult conversation on this board. Check back for another one is maybe 3-6 months when I get around to finishing another book. If I think I don't have time, the author of this book has 3 year old quads!

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