Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another baby at the Hall house?

Yes it's true. There is officially another baby at the Hall house. Luckily, this one is Grace's baby. Grace spent the week with my parents and got an early birthday present. A baby that has a potty and "wets" in it when you give her a bottle. These dolls are super cute for the kids BUT the last thing I need around here is to change fake diapers on fake babies. Not only do I have two kids who have real dirty diapers now I have a fake kid who can produce a real dirty diaper. This tops the gift they got Grace for Christmas last year. A toy that shoots plastic balls up in the air that scatter all over the room. Sounds fun except at the time Grace wasn't walking. Guess who got to retrieve the balls? Yup, the same one who will be changing the dirty diapers on this fake baby, ME!! Mom and Dad, I know you're reading this and don't worry, I'll be sending all these toys with the kids when they come visit so you can enjoy them too.
Amendment: After posting this, I received a phone call from mother informing me that she/dad did not show Grace how the baby really works and had never filled the baby's bottle with water so if we want to show Grace how to use it that is on us. Sorry Mom and Dad. I will ground myself for the weekend and take my ipod away from myself.

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