Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The runaway president

Today Kendall came home and announced that she had voted at school. Here's how the conversation went.
Kendall: "I voted today, just like you mom."
Me: "Voted for what?"
Kendall: "I don't remember."
Me: "Was it president?"
Kendall: "Yes, I voted for who is running away with the president."
Me: "Who did you vote for?"
Kendall: "I don't remember, but it is supposed to be a secret. (Pause) I guess I can tell you though, but no one else. Keep it in the family."
Me: "Okay, was it John McCain or Barak Obama?"
Kendall" "I don't know. I picked a picture."
Me: "Did he have white hair or brown hair?"
Kendall: "Brown hair. I picked the brunette one because I am a brunette too."

Decomracy is process people. The scary thing, I'm sure some adults use the same criteria.

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Kendall Your favorite said...

Hey you can't argue with that logic