Friday, October 24, 2008

Raingate...Day 3

Yes, it has been raining for three days here and Mommy is at the end of her indoor entertainment rope. Kendall didn't have school today so I had three to entertain instead of two. We've done it all. We made scary pictures for Halloween. Pretended we lived in the jungle. Fed, changed, and carried around babies (real and pretend). The kids played in their tent and I served them lunch in it. We made a cake to look like a pumpkin. We watched cartoons. We played mermaids. When Byron is not here I get to be King Triton which is nice because I'm usually Ursula. I used to be Sebastian until Madison came along. Kendall wanted to glue leaves to Madison's diaper and make her a "jungle baby" but I said the leaves were too crumbly to bring in the house. (thank goodness). I would be up for smearing lipstick on our faces for war paint and gluing leaves to ourselves and doing some kind of no more rain dance. I would actually be up for smearing lipstick on and leaving the house without the children. I let the kids stay in their PJs today because what is the point of changing? We won't be going outside and they'll just have to get back in their PJs in 14 hours anyway. Sigh....I know the rain will stop soon, but this is sucking up the last few days we can play outside without spending 30 minutes layering clothes to fight the elements. Oh well. Maybe it will be a mild winter. Ha!

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