Thursday, June 4, 2009

No its summer, I promise.

After the cold weather we had the past couple of days I think we were all wondering if summer is truly around the corner. We went swimming today but it didn't really feel warm enough to me. The kids are tough but I'm a pool wimp and I don't like to get wet until it's at least 80 degrees. School's out but if you ask Kendall that she would say she's not so sure. A few nights ago we were watching a show where the family was home schooling their kids. Kendall asked if they were at school or at home and I explained what homeschooling was. Fast forward to yesterday when we were sitting at the table "playing school." It's my secret way to keep Kendall's skills up during the summer break. After working on some flash cards she looked up at me and said "Mom, this kind of feels like home school. Are you sure it's not?"

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