Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Another Day

We’ve had a crazy week.  I had a trip to Owensboro scheduled that I decided to cancel due to bad weather.  Boy was I glad I did because that ended up being the day of the tornado outbreak and there was horrible weather all over the state.  Since our trip was cancelled we had a chance to go with Byron to Columbus, OH for a few days.  Free hotel suite, free gas, free food, umm…yes please.  The kids and I swam and went to the zoo and park.  Then we got to hang out with Byron at night.  We came home and then the very next day Kendall had her very first soccer game.  Her team is so sweet but the best part is her coach.  Coach Bryan is a upstanding Christian man who loves those girls and loves coaching.  During game time he gets really excited and starts yelling from the sidelines helpful hints to the girls.  Some examples are:
“Turn around!  The ball is behind you!”
“You’re a forward!  Run forward!”
“Kick the ball!”—very helpful
“No!  Our goal is the other way!”
“Quit playing with the grass and watch the ball!”
“Don’t kick it to the other team!”
He hollers through the whole game and it’s all I can do not to lay down on the sideline and laugh until I pee my pants.  It’s so funny.

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