Monday, December 14, 2009

Where's the closest charm school?

More than once these past couple of weeks I have found myself chatting with mothers of boys about wrestling and acting crazy in the house. They all say the same things. "Boys are so different from girls. Mine are always so physical with each other." I think they haven't spent enough time at my house. My girls love to wrestle with each other. It is a daily occurrence. Sometimes I have to get in the middle and pull them off of each other. We've been stuck in the house due to weather quite a few days this week. It only makes the wrestling more intense and louder. I tried to capture it on video but when they saw I was taping they really backed off on the smack downs. Maybe that's the difference between boy and girl wrestling. They both do it but the boys do it for show and the girls don't want any proof that they do it!

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