Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!

Yes our little glow worm is 2 years old. She had a great birthday that included a Mickey Mouse toy that she is currently sleeping with because she wouldn't let it go. When Byron brought the cake home I said I thought it looked familiar. Byron thought we had got Kendall the same cake when she was 2. Then Kendall came in the kitchen and said, "Hey, that's the same cake Grace had last year!" Sure enough, I looked back through pictures and it is the same cake! Whoops! I guess I better check old pictures before I order cakes. The only bad thing that happened to Gracie today was she got a wet foot coming out of the store! The poor thing was following me in the parking lot because I was carrying Maddie. She was being SO good and doing exactly as I asked but she kept saying "shoe, shoe." I said, "Yes you have pretty shoes Grace." But the poor thing was trying to tell me her shoe had come off! Here she is walking in the cold parking lot holding her little shoe in her hand and she can't even get her mommy to listen to her!

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Jennifer Handsaker said...

Oh my! I can't believe Grace is 2! Happy Birthday Grace! See you Friday.